Scales & Models

Scales & Models is a 3D printing company based in Lisbon. We can cover all your 3D printing needs from design to manufacturing, with services such as, but not limited to, 3D printing, 3D scanning, model making and art commissions.

Why Scales and Models?

At Scales & Models we are committed in helping you conceptualize, design and manufacture your very own unique creations. Our clients bring their creative spirit and we help them with the rest, from mass manufactured products to the more unique pieces. We are here to materialize and bring your creations to life. Bring your creative ideas at Scales & Models and we guarantee that with our dedication and skillfulness we will create a product that we are both proud of. We have more than a decade’s experience in 3D printing and model making, which makes us the perfect team to assist you in realizing your creations and project.

The possibilities are endless

Think of all the creative solutions you have available to you. Digital manufacturing has revolutionized the design and manufacturing process in all production industries. The Scales & Models services allow you to take advantage of the digital manufacturing processes. What are some of our services then?

3D Printing

Have you heard of 3D printing recently? 3D printing enables you to materialize digital 3D models and bring them to the three-dimensional world. Prop making is one way you can utilize 3D printing. Props tend to be specific and finding a manufacturer for such specific tasks can be tedious. At Scales & Models we can assist you in the design and manufacturing of the props you need.

Model Making

Do I create my own model? We will help you outline 3D models for your specific ideas and create a model which is best suited for your needs. You can use your 3D model as is, or 3D print it. 3D models are often used in architectural models. Models of houses, buildings and even bridges are made in 3D models. The models help conceptualize the architectural projects and showcase better the beauty of each structure, or even find flaws, which are not apparent in 2D models. We live in a 3D world after all.

3D scanning

How about 3D scanning? Whatever you print you can scan, and 3D scanning is an option with us. Reverse the process. Generate a digital copy of your creations, so others, or you in the future, can 3D print your model. From physical to digital with 3D scanning! Art Commissions Did you forget art? We can help with your art commissions and materialize your vision. The most entertaining part at a museum is secretly touching the artwork and sculptures, thus give everyone the opportunity to see your art manifest into 3 dimensions and interact with it.