Prop making service

Our prop making service is specialised in creating custom props for different type of industries such as advertising, events, films and cosplay. We create props to enhance campaigns and captivate audiences across different purposes.

Prop making techniques

Our specialized resin 3D printing for prop making enables us to create highly accurate, customizable, and detailed prop designs while also cutting down on production time and costs. We have the capability to combine 3D printing with various traditional materials like foam, silicone, wood, metal, and plastic, along with traditional techniques such as sculpting, molding, and casting. Our expertise lies in perfecting finishing touches, including many types of painting effects, to ensure authenticity and meet specific aesthetic requirements.

Types of props:

Museum props and replicas

We understand the significant role that museum props and replicas play in enriching the visitor's journey. They serve as both captivating visuals and valuable educational tools. Our portfolio includes the making of replicas like Carolina Anole Lizard and Sea Turtle Nest for the London Zoo. We have also built some scale models boats for the Qatar Cultural Center for the exhibition about the history of boats.

Film, theatre and TV props

Props in film, theatre, and TV are storytelling essentials, creating immersive experiences for audiences. We've collaborated on iconic films like Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Brothers Grimm, and crafted props for stop-motion animation, including projects with Gramafilm.

Promotional and retail props

In retail and promotions, props are game-changers, enhancing the shopping experience and boosting customer engagement and sales. We've crafted props for Absolute Vodka and a Chanel campaign in Harrods magazine. We have also made mini chair props for Jo Malone's "Rock the Ages" collection and Jo Malone Christmas windows display for Selfridges.

Game props

Game props contribute for an immersive gaming experience, adding engagement and visual appeal. Our recent project involved making the Monado sword from Xenoblade Chronicles. Whether it's crafting cosplay props for Comic Con or steampunk-style props, we bring imagination to life.

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We work closely with clients, providing consultation, design input, and technical guidance to bring their visions to life. From concept to creation, each prop is made to create an impact. Contact us at