About us

Who are we?

Scales & Models was established in 2009. We are based in London and have worked with various clients from prevalent fields and have been involved in the design and manufacture of their desired models. We take pride in our work and do not settle with mediocrity. So, go ahead, sample our unique creations, made with passion, effort, expertise and an uttermost attention to detail.

Our Clients

We are passionate at what we do, and our clients recognize that in our work. Our clients come from different creative fields and with our services they can realize their artistic visions. Some of our bigger clients in industry are: * Google * Lexus * Harrods * Selfridges * Jo Malone * The Edge Picture Company * Mayor of London

Some of the names above might sound familiar! Our clients are not only limited to large corporations. Many of them are artists, such as: * H.R. Giger * Damon Albarn * S.V. Mitchell Our services are very often used by architectural practices, for example: * KPF Architects * Fosters + Partners * PLP * David Walker Architects * Woods Bagot

What we offer

Our services will help you create your desired models, starting from the design all the way to manufacturing, from 3D modeling to 3D printing. We merge traditional craftsmanship techniques with new and appealing technologies, some of which include: * Model making * Prototyping * Bespoke finishing * Digital modeling * 3D scanning

Our team at Scales & Models wants to make sure each client is heard and offered the correct approach for their project. We take great care into the work that is put on our hands and strive to get things right on the very first try. It does not matter if you are new to 3D printing services or an experienced buyer, we will make sure you are happy with the result. Best practices and client satisfaction are our main objectives with each project. We are innovative and eager to help our clients bring their creations to life and leave an ever-lasting impression through them.