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H.R. Giger Bar

Commissioned By H.R. Giger with the support of Lesley Barany and Marco Witzig in 2009. Part 1 of 5

This is the first part of a much larger model (2 metres long) to be built in 5 different parts that will join into one single model, eventually representing the whole bar. For now this is only the first part depicting the area at the back of the bar.

All the furniture and the spinal arches were done and cast by a German trusted artist/sculptor who has been working closely with Giger for many years. My job was to assemble all the parts by creating a plan drawing in cad, to scale with all the correct proportions and distances between furniture. I started from the baseboard up, building walls and sculpting the brick work one by one trying to replicate a similar texture to the existing Bar in Gruyeres.

During the period of 3 weeks I had the privilege to work closely with the Master surrealist artist in his workshop at his Home in Zurich, Switzerland. Prior to starting the model I also travelled to the Giger Bar in Gruyeres to measure every inch of that bar and produce a thorough cad drawing to use as a starting point in creating the miniature replica model.

To get a sense of size, this model is done at the same scale as a barbie doll! Even though that would be a little out of context here... Or not!? :)

Model Scale 1/6

H.R. Giger Bar
H.R. Giger Bar 3
H.R. Giger Bar 4
H.R. Giger Bar 5
H.R. Giger Bar 6
H.R. Giger Bar 7
H.R. Giger Bar 8
H.R. Giger Bar 9
H.R. Giger Bar 10
H.R. Giger Bar 11